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EQS-Reg 01.12.21 19:30 EQS-Reg: ABIVAX SA
Abivax reçoit la réponse de la FDA afin d'avancer le programme[...]
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 19:00 EQS-Reg: Patrimoine et Commerce
EQS-News 01.12.21 18:45 EQS-News: Holcim Group Services Ltd
Erklärung der Holcim Gruppe im Anschluss an die Gerichtsbefrag[...]
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 18:37 EQS-Reg: 2CRSi SA
2CRSi SA: Availability of the half-year financial report.
EQS-News 01.12.21 18:15 EQS-News: Rieter Holding AG
Veränderung im Verwaltungsrat der Rieter Holding AG
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 18:00 EQS-Reg: COGRA
COGRA: Information mensuelle relative au nombre total des droi[...]
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 17:58 EQS-Reg: Rights and Issues Investment Trust PLC
Rights and Issues Investment Trust PLC: Transaction in Own Shares
EQS-News 01.12.21 17:46 EQS-News: HBM Healthcare Investments AG
Key Figures 30.11.2021
EQS-Ad-hoc 01.12.21 17:46 EQS-Ad-hoc: Newron Pharmaceuticals SpA
Veränderung im Verwaltungsrat von Newron
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 17:37 EQS-Reg: Halfords Group PLC
Halfords Group PLC: Retail Offer by PrimaryBid
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 17:36 EQS-Reg: Halfords Group PLC
Halfords Group PLC: Proposed Fundraise to raise up to c.£64 mi[...]
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 17:35 EQS-Reg: Halfords Group PLC
Halfords Group PLC: Acquisition of National
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 17:30 EQS-Reg: PhosAgro PJSC
PhosAgro PJSC: Andrey Guryev and Gardesina Holding Limited Not[...]
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 17:17 EQS-Reg: PJSC Magnit
Magnit announces the transactions by the person closely associ[...]
EQS-News 01.12.21 17:00 EQS-News: Cham Group AG
Baubewilligungen der 2. Etappe auf dem Papieri-Areal erteilt
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 16:53 EQS-Reg: Coinsilium Group Limited
Coinsilium Group Limited: Holding in Company and Total Voting [...]
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 16:02 EQS-Reg: The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Form 8.3 - The Vanguard Group, Inc.: Meggitt plc
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 15:55 EQS-Reg: Tibra Trading PTY Limited
Form 8.3 - Tibra Trading PTY Limited: GCP STUDENT LIVING PLC
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 15:49 EQS-Reg: The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Form 8.3 - The Vanguard Group, Inc.: Vivo Energy plc
EQS-Reg 01.12.21 15:45 EQS-Reg: The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Form 8.3 - The Vanguard Group, Inc.: Ultra Electronics Holding[...]

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IGEA Pharma N.V. Realignment to CBD extraction

The goal is to become the quality and cost leader in the field of CBD in Europe. To this end, a GMP pharma compliant plant is being built in Switzerland. The supercritical CO2 extraction process is to be used to achieve the highest standard of quality. The CBD market is growing strongly and with the focus on quality leadership and pure extraction, IGEA Pharma's new business model should be able to occupy an attractive niche market. With the proprietary supercritical CO2-extraction technology, other markets such as vanilla, rose or rosemary can be developed in the medium term. Based on our DCF model, we have determined a fair value of € 1.05 (CHF 1.13) per share and assign a BUY rating.

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Symrise verlängert Vorstandsvertrag von Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram vorzeitig bis 2025

01. Dezember 2021, 15:38

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FY 2020/2021 Financial Results

16. Dezember 2021

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01. Dezember 2021